Andy Wong, He/Him| Co-Founder, GoSociafy | President,

With a background in applied mathematics and computer data systems, Andy has years of experience in supporting campaign infrastructures by targeting voters using a myriad of techniques for empowering niche constituencies.

Rich Stockwell, He/Him | Co-Founder, GoSociafy

Rich is a former MSNBC Sr. Executive Producer on Countdown w Keith Olbermann, The Ed Show, oversight of The Reid Report with Joy Reid. Rich oversaw all production aspects of cable news programs for over 10 years. Rich served as Executive Producer of Global Citizen Festival, concert in Central Park for 3 years. He conceived, produced, and oversaw over 5 million dollars in funds raised for over 10 health clinics serving thousands of patients per day during the health care debate in ‘09.

Rich is the Co-Founder of GoSociafy, and is currently working with a team of content producers to identify, engage, and move people from digital activism to real life action to improve their communities.

Edil Mari De Los Reyes, She/Her |  Producer and distribution coordinator, GoSociafy | Political Director, 

Edil is the daughter of Filipino immigrants who shared with her their passion for helping others. The experiences of her family shaped her political interests and understanding of social justice. Since college, she has made it her journey to become a better organizer and to empower others. Over the years, Edil’s work has focused on engaging and strengthening underrepresented communities to secure a seat at the decision table. 

Edil is an alumna of American University’s School of Public Affairs, and graduate of their Campaign Management Institute, Women & Politics Institute, and WeLEAD program. In her spare time, Edil likes to travel, bake copious amounts of cookies, and blog.

Dc Lozano, She/Her | Producer, GoSociafy | Special Projects,

Dc Lozano is a writer, community organizer and life-long hammer-wielder, swinging day and night at the patriarchy. She lives in Redlands, California with her dogs Bula and Rodham, and her wife, Jenny. As the most qualified, Rodham is obviously the top dog in the house. Dc has been an activist since she was 5 years old where she began protesting sexism & racism in her small Wyoming town. She has spent decades being a fierce advocate for marginalized communities. She has worked as a union organizer, written for progressive newspapers, taught self-defense classes to women & children, & trained large retail companies on de-escalation techniques. In 2019 she organized the first ever city-wide Pride celebration in Redlands.

Sara Baron, She/Her | Producer, editor

Sara Baron is a senior at George Washington University studying political science and psychology.  When not at school in Washington D.C., she lives in Howell, New Jersey.  Sara has worked and interned with various nonprofit organizations including the Truth Initiative, the AnBryce Foundation and Polaris Project.  Throughout these experiences, she has developed her interest in studying the ways psychology can be used to combat social and political issues.

Kiana Stockwell, She/Her | Producer, editor

Kiana Stockwell is a social media manager at GoSociafy. She has been with GoSociafy since its beginnings and has done work for various political campaigns in her capacity as a video editor and graphic designer. 

Kiana is finishing up her degree in Political Science at The College of New Jersey. She has always been passionate about helping others, and on her campus, volunteers to support those impacted by power-based personal violence.